Sunday, June 27, 2010


Life is short and no one actually in this world can predict what will happen in his or her life next..I have this kind of feeling when I realized that 1 of my friends in UKM has nose cancer a few minutes ago..He is not my friend actually,stranger perhaps because I only know what is his name,where is his hometown and that all..I don't even know what course is he taking..haha..Oh ya,one more thing,he loves Raymond Lam Fung..He actually got the result so many days ago,posted on facebook and telling all of his friends about his conditions..I'm sure for those who read my blog will ask me why I only knew it a few minutes ago although he has posted it on facebook for so long??It is because I blocked him 2 months ago..And why would I blocked him??Don't remember and I'm not going to think and talk about this because the main reason I wrote this blog is not to discuss about that matter..haha..I was shocked when I knew about it because he is quite an active,energetic person and he talks very loud..Everytime when I walked pass his room,not even reached his room actually,I already can heard his voice..Sigh,anything can happen in just 2 months..His case actually gave me some lessons..The 1st lesson is we should appreciate what we have right now especially our family and friends..I know that we are humans and never feel satisfied of what we have but we should realized that anything can happen each day or more specificly each second..We don't know what will happen to us the next second..So,please try your best to do so or please try OUR best to do so..The 2nd lesson is do what we want to do when we have the opportunity..Do remember that opportunity knocks but once..Grab it when the chance comes..Don't only feel regret when it is too late..
Last but not least,although I'm not very closed to him but I hope that he'll win in the battle and recover soon so that we can meet again in this coming semester..Finger crossed..

Saturday, June 19, 2010


There are many valuable things in life,but friendship may be one the most important.For me,friends are really important in someone's life because they aren't only bring you joy and happiness but also offer love,respect and will never betray us.Without friends,our life is colorless and meaningless.Sometimes I do ask myself a very silly and stupid question."Do you have true friends"?Maybe I'm doubted about them before but now I want to declare that "I DO HAVE TRUE FRIENDS".Not just one but many.I'm very happy and glad to have them as part of my life.(I hope that all my friends know that "them" refers to who because I'm not going to list out one by one.Haha.)When I look at all the photos that my friends tagged me at facebook,I'll definitely smile because without them in my life,I wouldn't have those funny,happy and incredible moments.Friendship is a relationship which takes time to build.There are many steps and stages to achieving a true friendship.So,please do appreciate them.Once again,THANK YOU very much to all my friends for being part of my life.Hope that we can be friends FOREVER!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

**Tiring Day**

Yesterday really was a tiring day for me...My friends,Shiau Suang and Shwu Shyan came to my house yesterday afternoon and said they wanted to go to Kellie's Castle..Since I'm having holiday right now and I was really free that day so I went to Kellie's Castle with them...When we were on the way to Kellie's Castle,the driver,Shiau Suang suddenly changed her mind and said she didn't want to go to Kellie's Castle but wanted to go to Meru Valley to see those beautiful houses at there.She wanted to take photos of those houses... I was shocked when she told me and another friend that she wanted to go there because Meru Valley is very Jelapang..almost need half and hour journey...but what can i do??She was the driver and I was on her car...I just followed where she wanted to go...So,from Kellie's Castle,we went to Meru Valley...When we reached there,there were two guards working at the guard's house...When my friend was trying to enter,she was stopped by 1 guard...
Guard:Mau buat apa???
Suang:Masuk tengok-tengok...
You know what the guard said???
Guard:Tak boleh,keluar balik...
Oh my god!!!After half and hour journey and now you tell us that we cannot enter??? Again,what to do???He is guard and we are guests...He has the right not to let us enter... Jom,patah balik...We spent another half and hour came back to Ipoh...Finally our journey ended up at Old Town Kopitiam which situated near Gunung Rapat...We had our lunch there...My friend was very angry and sad because she didn't take any photo that day...Haiz,if I knew that we'll ended up our journey at kopitiam,I wouldn't follow my friends out...I rather have my 3 hours nap...Wasted...Haha...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Finally I have my own blog...I still remember last time when one of my very best friend,Zi Yang asked me to create a blog,I rejected him because I was very busy that time..Since I'm in holiday right now and very very very free,so I asked my sister to create a blog for me yesterday and I'm here..haha..I spent whole day busy reading my friends' blog last night and I like it very much..Although I can't meet my friends everyday but I believe through reading their blogs,I still able to know how are they recently because they write all their feelings, thoughts,experiences, etc in their blogs..So,do you know what am I going to do later??I'm going to tell my friends that I have my own blog and ask them to view it..haha..